HTP Swaps and Additions

Post-Christmas Breakfast

Morning!   Everyone in our house had a bit of an alcohol- and sugar-related hangover this morning.  Well, actually – our festivities lasted so late last night that I’m pretty sure those ill effects began to set in at 8 PM.  We had a huge Christmas dinner, drank lots of Bailey’s and coffee, ate chocolate [...]


My favorite blog series is back after a long hiatus! :) HTP Swaps and Additions was originally started because I hated the way certain women’s magazines suggested that health was about eliminating or restricting.  As I said in the first HTP Swaps and Additions post, I hope my blog illustrates that healthy living is about [...]


HTP Swaps and Additions, Part II

Want to live a healthier, happier, and more balanced life?  Think about what you can add or mix-up, not what you need to restrict or avoid. Here are seven more of my favorite Healthy Tipping Point Swaps and Additions.  To read the first seven tips, check out this post.   HTP SWAP:  Instead of plain [...]


HTP Swaps and Additions, Part I

I was reading a woman’s-magazine-who-shall-not-be-named last night, and I realized so many articles about food and exercise basically contain tips on how to restrict.  How to eat less of this or do less of that.  I hope my blog illustrates that healthy living is about changing something small or even  ADDING something to your life [...]

Healthy Tipping Point