I Need a Training Plan

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Real clothes = real work.  Pajamas are not as conducive to productivity (or appropriate at the office).


Just a Tupperware lunch:


Goat cheese and hummus sammie:


Plus raw veggies for lunch.  This was a desperate toss-in.  I don’t even like raw broccoli. 


Yesterday, I was thinking about my exercise habits through pregnancy (10 weeks on Wednesday – wahoo! Double digits!).  My habits have been all over the place.  One week, I’ll run 4 times and cover 15 miles.  The next, I’ll run once and lay on the couch the rest of the time.  While I’m certainly not beating myself up over my lazier weeks, it’s really NOT the way I want to behave through pregnancy.  I’m really committed to staying active, and I have grand dreams of doing a sprint tri in October, a few months after the baby is born (please don’t crush my dreams right now if this is unrealistic).   


Anyway – yesterday, I realized the problem.  This is one of the first times in the last four or five years that I have exercised without a race in mind and, therefore, without a training plan.  I know some people LOVE the lack of structure, but I really thrive under a training plan and knowing that I *have* to meet minimum goals.  It keeps me committed.  Not having a race to work for – or a plan to follow – is  making me lazy.


While I’m not comfortable signing up for longer races while pregnant (I am eyeing an upcoming 5K), I CAN exercise under a ‘training plan!’  And I use that term pretty loosely.


My goal is to workout at least three times a week throughout my pregnancy.  Why three days a week?  I used to exercise 5 – 6 days a week but think that is currently pretty unrealistic for me (if you can do that pregnant, more power to you!).  I think four days is a good goal, but I don’t want to feel like I didn’t achieve something if I only do three.  So, by setting my minimum at three, I’m hoping to always look back over my ‘training plan’ and feel accomplished.  My #1 healthy living mantra, after all, is DON’T SET YOURSELF UP TO FAIL!


Also, I didn’t identify any specific workouts because my workouts will be based on how I feel, given the day.  Hopefully, I will continue to run throughout my pregnancy, but some weeks, I might just go on three long walks.  And again, I never want to feel like a failure.


And yes – I have zero delusions about my due date. I have a sneaking suspicion this baby will not be completely baked in 40 weeks.


Just wanted to share because I thought this ‘training plan’ concept would be fun for loads of people – not just pregnant ladies!  It will keep me accountable, help me reach goals, and give me a confidence boost.  A very good training plan, indeed. 



  • Tanya November 14, 2011, 1:37 pm

    I just want to ask what kind of bread that is because it looks amazing.

    And do you and your readers have suggestions for good gluten-free breads? I miss bread 🙁

    • Ali November 14, 2011, 4:48 pm


    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:20 pm

      Udi’s! It is the best.

  • Annette @ EnjoyYourHealthyLife November 14, 2011, 1:38 pm

    I love that you don’t set yourself up for failure. That is KEY in an exercise plan!! This looks/sounds awesome.

    And I say, plan for the tri-I think that’s a fabulous idea!

  • Maryea @ Happy Healthy Mama November 14, 2011, 1:39 pm

    Good luck with your pregnancy training plan. It sounds like you have realistic goals. I wasn’t able to exercise at all during my first trimester so I’m envious you are not too sick to run.and workout!

  • Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) November 14, 2011, 1:44 pm

    I have recently gotten bored by my workouts so changing things up is helping. I never had to plan it out before but for some reason I need to. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Lydia (@InhabitTheBeauty) November 14, 2011, 1:44 pm

    I, too, find that I work better under a plan.

    Having never been through pregnancy, I’m not sure if your goals are normal, extraordinary or lazy! I think it’s great to shoot for a certain number of more active days and use how you’re feeling as a gauge. I think the important thing to remember is that your activity should make you feel good and a good-feeling mom is the best sort!

  • marci November 14, 2011, 1:45 pm

    You will get your energy back, but don’t be surprised if your old ways of exercise don’t sound good anymore (I completely changed). I aim for 4 days a week of something and 5 is a bonus. Mine include walking outside or treadmill, mixed with aerobics/light weights class. You’ll feel better to stay active, but rest when you feel like that too! Hope you feel good the whole time!

  • Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker November 14, 2011, 1:45 pm

    Morning sickness hit me really hard at 10 weeks . . . so, I had a few weeks in there where walking was best. I like the approach of just trying to move 4 times a week. I’d highly recommend Summer Sanders’ prenatal workout DVD. I’m still doing the 2nd trimester section — but it’s a great one if you are too tired to get out of the house/etc. Plus, you can either do a long workout (45 min) or a short one (25 min). I walked 4 miles this morning and plan to do a short DVD workout later this afternoon. Best of luck with your workouts.

    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:21 pm

      Ugh it scares me when I hear your morning sickness hits at week 10… I keep thinking maybe I’ve skipped it. I hope it doesn’t come!

      • Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker November 15, 2011, 7:39 am

        You may still avoid it — and I hope you do! I think by now you’d at least have some strong food aversions and a bit of nausea occasionally. If you have none of that at all, you may be just fine. Fingers crossed! (Could be a sign that you’re having a boy if you’re into old wives tales!)

  • TeenyLittleSuperChef November 14, 2011, 1:46 pm

    I think it’s great that you’re planning out your training schedule during your pregnancy and not setting yourself up for goals that are too unrealistic. You never know how you’re going to feel throughout. Some people feel awesome and like they can walk on water while others have problems just getting enough energy to walk up the stairs. I think because of your dedication to living such a healthy and active life before getting pregnant, you’re going to have an easier time doing all the things you plan to do. Good luck Caitlin! And congratulations again on having your little bun in the oven 🙂

  • Claire @ Live and Love to Eat November 14, 2011, 1:47 pm

    I think I work better without a training plan – they stress me out! I like the flexibility of doing whatever kind of workout I’m in the mood for.

  • Laura November 14, 2011, 1:48 pm

    I love this concept! Our library has workout DVDs you can check out and I’m pretty sure I saw some prenatal options. It might be worth stopping in to your library to see if they have any and keep one or two on hand as options.

    My husband does triathlons, and over the summer I saw a lady at a triathlon (who was participating) hand her husband their tiny baby before she got in the line-up for the swim. It can be done!

    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:21 pm

      Oh good idea on the workout dvds at the library. Thanks!

  • Kiran @ KiranTarun.com November 14, 2011, 1:49 pm

    Love your mantra. It surely sucks to not achieve goals. But nothing is worse than setting up ourselves for failure. I am sure 3 days a week is more than nothing at all 🙂

  • Michelle November 14, 2011, 1:53 pm

    I second the Summer Sanders’ pregnancy workout DVD. It was great for me, and I loved that she showed you how to adjust the moves through the trimesters. I did a sprint tri 4 months after my little nugget was born. It totally can be done! I fed him on a little bench while waiting for my swim wave to begin. I got some pretty crazy looks from people, but I loved that my body was able to do it! Good luck with your workout goals and the pregnancy!

  • Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat November 14, 2011, 1:57 pm

    I’m alllll about plans and like you, thrive when I’ve got one to stick to! I think 3x per week is totally realistic for pregnancy (not that I’d know though, because I’ve never had that experience!) Maybe you’ll even find yourself doing more yoga as you get further along in weeks. I always say I should do more yoga but when I’m eventually pregnant, I definitely see it happening!

  • Sarah November 14, 2011, 2:00 pm

    I just have to comment, because this is EXACTLY how I felt when I was 10 weeks pregnant (and throughout my pregnancy, really)! Prior to my pregnancy, my training and goals were very similar to yours (which is one reason I adore your blog so)… First trimester was HARD! For a person used to exercising, it’s baffling and a little crazy to feel so tired and “off” and not-so-much like exercising. I motivated myself with training plans and goals like the plan you made today. One thing that really helped me was swimming! It feels AWESOME to be in the water when you have the weight of a baby tummy to haul around 😉 Energy returned in the second trimester, then the (literal) weight of the third trimester set in, and before I knew it, I was a mom! 🙂 But, since having the baby, I have raced, and I even did a sprint tri 6 months after he was born.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, on the days where you feel too washed out to work out, remember that you’ll be back in action when it’s all said and done 😉 It was hard to succumb to the couch sometimes, but in the end, I’m glad I got a few extra naps before so many sleepless nights! I was a little worried that the physical and exercising adjustments that came with pregnancy would effect my long term fitness goals (that may not be a popular admission to make, but for someone who loves running and racing, it is an honest admission for me to make), but I ended up back in the game with an adorable 1 year who keeps us more active and on our toes than ever.

    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:22 pm

      Thanks for this comment. Thank you very much for this motivation!

  • Liz November 14, 2011, 2:05 pm

    I love this idea! I’m not even pregnant, but I’m definitely making a table like that to help me get back to a little healthier living (I’ve been slacking a bit for several months now…). 😀

  • dana November 14, 2011, 2:06 pm

    Good idea! I too have a problem sticking w/an exercise routine w/o a specific goal, like a race. I don’t have an upcoming race right now, so I decided to switch my workouts to mornings (5:30 am). I find that giving myself the goal to get up and workout has helped me maintain more structure and I haven’t been ‘all over the place’.

  • Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count November 14, 2011, 2:10 pm

    Goat cheese and hummus sounds like a great combo. I’m with you, I don’t like raw broccoli.

  • Jamie @ FoodinRealLife November 14, 2011, 2:20 pm

    I think a plan is a great idea, but really really really be flexible with yourself. Pregnancy exhaustion DOES NOT = laziness. It’s a whole different animal. I always envisioned myself exercising all the way through pregnancy but it hasn’t worked out that way. Planning is great, but also make sure to plan for some deviations in that plan.

    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:22 pm

      Good point. I’m not lazy; I’m just preggers.

  • Michelle November 14, 2011, 2:20 pm

    I think the tri goal in October is ambitious – and thats ok! Just as long as you aren’t going to feel heartbroken or like a failure or something if it doesn’t happen. I get the distinct impression that a large factor of how quickly you’ll recover and get back to running/racing will have to do with how the birth itself goes, and while all your prepping and healthy living while baking should help and give you the best possible odds, you just never know if the bun will want to get out of hte over early or late or pop right out, or take its sweet time exiting. 🙂

  • Jessica November 14, 2011, 2:26 pm

    I had my daughter last June (5th aka my 25th birthday) on her due date! So it can be pretty accurate! (though I had a very regular 28 day cycle and ovulated during the “normal” ovulation period).

    Good luck with your training plan, I really need to get back in to exercise, I would just so much rather spend my time with my lovely little girl these days! It’s hard!

  • Cheryl November 14, 2011, 2:28 pm

    I am the same way. I always need a training plan to keep me on track. I have learned that I need to allow myself some wiggle room though so I allow myself to switch or move workouts when necessary. A happy medium – seems to be working so far 🙂

  • Junga November 14, 2011, 2:29 pm

    Thank you for sharing your advise and experiences; it’s always helpful. If you worked out 5-6 days per week, how does that work with the advise that you should rest several times each week to allow recovery? Thanks fo your input.

    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:23 pm

      Not all my workouts were hard. If you’re going balls to the wall everyday, you can’t do 5 days a week. But 3 hard, 2 soft (yoga, walking) are cool – it’s ‘active recovery.’

  • Gina @ Running to the Kitchen November 14, 2011, 2:31 pm

    I’ve always had some sort of plan for the past 2 years since I started running and exercising regularly. I like the idea of a loose one like this that lets you fill in whatever workout you’re feeling that day. I might do something similar for cardio after my half this weekend. I need a little more “unstructured” time after following something so rigorously for 10 weeks.

  • Cat November 14, 2011, 2:32 pm

    I did a 50-mile bike ride with my pregnant sister-in-law when she was probably about as far along as you are now. She’s about 3 weeks from her due date and she and I spent about 8 or 9 hours on Friday cooking food for them to have in their freezer and ready to go once the baby is here. I should say that she complete a Master’s Swim workout Friday morning, made ME lunch, we went grocery shopping and she didn’t even falter spending all that time on her feet. Pretty amazing what you’re capable of when you’re of the mindset to do it and to remain active!

    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:24 pm

      Wow – that is so inspiring!

  • Amelia November 14, 2011, 2:33 pm

    Random question, but where did you get that cute houndstooth print skirt (dress?)?

  • Lindsey November 14, 2011, 2:34 pm

    I am like you and NEED a plan always! I am taking a break from running races in 2012 and right now trying to find something else to keep me motivated!

  • Priyanka November 14, 2011, 2:37 pm

    Can you give me some motivation too please..?? I have become a lazy bum lately. I was doing so well a while back, I started running, ran 2 races, was training for a 10K and now nothing..nada! I wanted to be active throughout this phase..I need a wake up call.

    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:24 pm

      Fitness ebbs and flows – you’ll bounce back soon!

  • Tanya @ Vegan Faith November 14, 2011, 2:37 pm

    I love the training plan concept! And if you are looking for a 5k I have one coming up on Thanksgiving Day here in Mooresville! It’s on Sport Often, the Mooresville Christian Mission Turkey Trot 5k! Check it out!

  • Mahealani @ Beauty, Brains, and Balance November 14, 2011, 2:38 pm

    I love the quote at the top of the training plan, it’s way too easy to forget WHY you’re doing this crazy thing in the first place!

  • Hillary November 14, 2011, 2:42 pm

    I go back and forth with this. I love having a plan that keeps me accountable, but I tend to get sick of it after awhile. I’m currently training for my second half marathon, and I’m early enough in my training that I’m not bored or exhausted yet. Get back to me in February ; )

  • Moni'sMeals November 14, 2011, 2:46 pm

    Good luck with your training plan. I am not much help because I usually wing it. 🙂

  • Karen November 14, 2011, 4:03 pm

    I feel the same way. This is the first time I have not had a training plan. My goal is 3 to 4 workouts a week. Right now it’s walking, since I haven’t been released to start running again by my fertility specialist. It’s great to have those little accomplishments 🙂

  • Lindsay November 14, 2011, 4:12 pm

    Great pregnancy training plan. And a sprint tri a few months after baby comes is totally realistic. I did a sprint when my first was just 3.5 months old. My mantra through the race as WAY older folks passed me was “my baby is less than four months old.” I repeated this over and over and had a great race. While definitely not my fastest, it is one of my favorite race memories – coming across the finish line and seeing my new babe smiling at me was priceless. Trying to nurse her after an ocean swim and super sweaty run was not as priceless! Congratulations!

  • Mary @ Bites and Bliss November 14, 2011, 4:18 pm

    Training plans are definitely a huge motivation- whether it cardio or weight training..they ALWAYS help me get off my butt

  • Meagan November 14, 2011, 4:28 pm

    Great plan! I will certainly do something like this for my next pregnancy. I was unprepared for how to stay fit during my first, and I don’t want that to happen again.

    I love your attitude of not setting yourself up to fail. I think that’s key. Along those same lines I don’t have a daily to-do list, I have a daily “what I did” list. I get things done so I can write them down instead of feeling pressure to do a ton of stuff and never feeling like I crossed enough off.

    Good luck!

  • Jenn @ LiveWellFitNow November 14, 2011, 4:39 pm

    I know all of us knocked up ladies out there have opinions for other knocked up ladies. 🙂 But I’m going to share my experience with you anyways..

    I’m just hitting week 20 in a few days and I could not love your training plan more. During the first 4 months it was a daily battle to get myself to the gym or outside for some sort of workout. Sometimes it was energy, other days I just didn’t want to move, most days it was nausea.

    BUT…without a doubt, every time that I did workout I felt better and weeks where I did sneak in 3, 4 or even 5 workouts were my best! When our body is used to movement, it will crave it during pregnancy and so will your little one (even though you feel like you can barely move a muscle some moments!).

    Congrats my lady! Big congrats…

  • katie @ KatieDid November 14, 2011, 5:11 pm

    I think that’s a great way to get motivated. I know when I have a race in the distance I do much more. But right now I love not having that lingering over me. But different things work for different people!

  • Jen in LA November 14, 2011, 5:55 pm

    I was on track training to BQ in a June mary when I found out I was pregnant in April. :)I quickly switched gears. So instead of BQing this year, I didn’t run at all my first tri ( was WAY too tired and nauseated), started running again every other day as soon as I hit my second trimester. I didn’t have a plan. The baby and my pregnant body called all the shots. (distance of my runs, pace,etc.) I was able to comfortably run (3-4 miles, 5 miles being my longest run during pregnany). I found that if I kept in my mind EVERY OTHER DAY, my body had time to rest, I wasn’t over doing it and each run felt good. I ran a 5k at 23 weeks and another at 31. They were fun runs that I ran/walked but made me happy to get out there and be a part of a race. I finally stopped running at 35 weeks. For me, it was all about listening to my body and knowing that growing a baby this year was WAY more important than any race I could ever train for or complete. Although it has been a weird year without the races 🙂

    • CaitlinHTP November 14, 2011, 7:26 pm

      Oh fun! You are so awesome. Way to keep up the running. Are you going to try to BQ again?

  • K November 14, 2011, 6:33 pm

    I definitely ditched my programs and plans when I found out I was pregnant, but it actually was so liberating and fun to just do what felt good every day. I kind of fell into a routine by default, where I swim 3x week and lift 3x a week (and have mountain fun on the weekend). If a training plan helps you feel like YOU, then have a great time with it. I think that the critical thing is that you still have something in your life that helps you feel like you’re still yourself, despite all of the crazy changes. I’m wishing you as healthy and active a pregnancy as feels good 🙂

  • Ann @ Turbo Teacher November 14, 2011, 6:43 pm

    I love this training plan idea and the organized, neat schedule sheet! I also want to remain somewhat active when/if pregnant! I’m so excited to follow this journey of yours!

  • Chelsea @ Naturally Sweet Recipes November 14, 2011, 6:53 pm

    Just found your blog! Love it, you are so inspiring!! Thanks for the great post.

  • Nancy @ Beyoutiful Fitstyle November 14, 2011, 7:19 pm

    I love this idea of having a chart like this to have hanging around! It’s almost like you can give yourself a gold star for the days you do workouts 🙂 kindergarden style! I think I may have to do this, because putting it in my phone isn’t holding me accountable enough.

  • Dana @ the Big Fat Skinny November 14, 2011, 7:21 pm

    I really like this idea! I’ve been missing a training plan on my fridge too, and it definitely allows me to slack more than I want to. Seeing something planned for me makes it much easier to get up and go. (Although pregnancy has made the couch oh so appealing). I think I’ll reinstate a plan too – training for child birth! Lol … Good luck!

  • crystal November 14, 2011, 7:27 pm

    For me exercise got so much easier in the second trimester. The first I was too tired and gross feeling and the third I was so tired and had to pee all. the. time, but the second was great. I hope you get an energy boost soon!

  • Christine @ BookishlyB November 14, 2011, 7:50 pm

    Will you aim for longer distances after you’re out of your first trimester?

  • Hotpotatokate November 14, 2011, 8:46 pm

    I’ve found that my exercise style has changed as my pregnancy has progressed (surprise surprise). I was fatigued and nauseous in the first tri, but when I could work out, I could manage an OK duration/effort level; so I worked out for about an hour at a time, 3-5 days/week.

    At 25 weeks, I am finding exercise less comfortable (and also more difficult to fit in as I’ve added ante-natal classes and ante-natal yoga to an already pretty full evening schedule), but I’m less SUPER-TIRED, and it’s sunnier, so I’m exercising 7 days a week, but shorter times and easier exercises.

    I was a keen runner pre-preg, but have sadly struggled too much to keep it up- I still try occasionally, and have the odd “good” run (and by “good” I mean plodding for 3 miles…) but the rest of the time I’m sticking to walking, elliptical, weights, and LOTS of swimming 🙂

  • Amber November 14, 2011, 9:48 pm

    I know exactly how you feel (well, minus having a bun in my oven!). I thrive on structure and cannot function or workout without a plan. Heck, I even call my lesson plans a “plan of action.” I depend on training to motivate me and keep me committed.

    I see your three days as an extension of the two healthy intentions (which I totally do every morning now! Thank you!). Something is inevitable better than nothing. But it’s so practical not to set yourself up for failure. I think you’re doing great!

    And I’m so excited for you and your husband! What an exciting time in your lives. 🙂

  • Laura Ann November 14, 2011, 9:59 pm

    LOVE this idea! I’m not pregnant, but I’m working 2 jobs and commuting 2 hours/day. Like you, I used to exercise 5-6 days/wk… But now? Having a lot of trouble finding the time and energy! For months I’ve been telling myself I just need to commit to 3 days, but it’s been hard for me to stick with it. I think keeping a chart will really help!

  • Heidi November 14, 2011, 10:19 pm

    What a great idea, thanks for sharing! : )

  • Sarah AJ November 14, 2011, 10:21 pm

    It looks like a great plan to me, and I had to smile when I saw that it went to 42 weeks. Both of my kiddos were well-baked. 😉 I think it’s fantastic that you’re preparing yourself for that possibility.

  • cyclist Kate November 14, 2011, 10:26 pm

    One of my friends came to my Pilates classes 3x/week until she was 37 weeks. She was amazing! It was really hard for her most days to come after work, but we have a 12 hour cancellation policy, after which the class fee is forfeited, which I think helped her. And even though she was pretty pooped, I think it felt good to have some time just for her. Just remember, your body is doing a TON right now so be prepared for strength and endurance to decrease a bit–it’s normal and just means your body’s busy doing other things.

    What about trying out some yoga/Pilates/water classes? It might be good to start focusing on strengthening your pelvic floor–it’ll help that baby pop out and will help your core strength return more quickly after pregnancy.


    • Caitlin November 15, 2011, 10:58 am

      I’m doing kegels! Does that count?

  • Lindy Katherine November 14, 2011, 10:37 pm

    Have you ever thought about joining a Masters swim team? It would be a great, low-impact way for you to improve the swim portion of your tri while getting a decent aerobic workout. A “new challenge” for this stage of your life with a group of good people to keep you motivated. It’s gentle on your body – just steer clear of flip turns and backstroke after a certain point. Find a workout group near you by visiting your local masters swimming committee website – which can be found through usms.org.

    • Caitlin November 15, 2011, 10:58 am

      That would definitely be a fun way to get recommitted to swimming. I’m going to ask about it when I’m there later!

  • Khushboo November 14, 2011, 11:55 pm

    I love that you are so committed to staying active during pregnancy, and that too realistic about it! I also thrive on the structure of a plan- even though it’s loose, I like know what workout I’m doing each day (e.g. run or ST)…although as for distances etc, I wing it depending how I feel otherwise I get too obsessive and hard on myself!

  • Kirsten @ Confessions of a Jogaholic November 15, 2011, 4:19 am

    I love this way of thinking! Go girl! Super positive. 🙂 Congrats, BTW!!

  • jodie November 15, 2011, 8:35 am

    Congrats on the pregnancy. I am soooo behind on my blog reading. Congrats again.

  • whitney November 15, 2011, 9:08 am

    I just copied your idea and printed one an exercise chart for myself… I’m almost 7 weeks and have been needing a little inspiration for my workouts. Just the thing to motivate me! thanks!!

    • Caitlin November 15, 2011, 10:59 am

      Congrats on your pregnancy!

  • Ali @ Around the VeggieTable November 15, 2011, 9:11 am

    I was just thinking about the same thing! I’m not training for any races because my wedding is smack dab in the middle of spring race season and I don’t want to put added pressure on myself. But now I have no idea how much/how far/how fast I should be running. I totally need a plan.

  • Zara November 15, 2011, 9:30 am

    Hi Caitlin,

    Just wanted to wish you a massive congratulations on the pregnancy. So so happy for you! Have read your blog for a long time now, although I always feel strange commenting…not sure why. You inspired me to get fit and healthy with healthy organic food and plain hard work. It’s been just over a year and I am so much happier than i was before. Thank you. I have a sneaking suspision that you are going to be a fab mum!!! 😀

    • Caitlin November 15, 2011, 10:59 am

      Thank you so much Zara!

  • Angie November 15, 2011, 10:56 am

    I did a sprint tri 10 weeks after my baby was born! It was not by any stretch my fastest race, but it felt great. You can definitely do it.

    I will echo what others said about a plan being a great way to go but that you need to allow yourself the flexibility to make modifications if you need extra rest. Also, beware of the joint loosening that comes with pregnancy…it can become easier to injure yourself if you are not careful.

  • Cyndi November 15, 2011, 12:26 pm

    I ran as long as I could, along with long walks with our dogs. Then in month 8 I figured I deserved a vacation from running and switched to just walking. Pretty sure I still did light weights the whole time as well. After baby came I found Power Yoga – best thing that ever happened to my fitness (until I recently found swimming.) I think my babies totally loved their exercising mommy – I had to be induced at 42 weeks with both – they weren’t ready to move out.

  • Amber K November 15, 2011, 12:49 pm

    What a great idea! I tend to look at my exercise on a daily basis. I always plan to do something active, so the days where I can’t fit it in I feel bad. But looking at it by the week shows the trend that yeah, I do work out on most days.

  • Marathon Beauty November 15, 2011, 12:55 pm

    I’m doing the same thing to help me through a hip injury! There is no running in my immediate future 🙁 but I set up an incentive system for just being active. If I do 4x this week I’ll treat myself to a new nail polish!

  • Lisa November 15, 2011, 1:08 pm

    Such great advise! I started off so great when i first found outI was pregnant but my actual days per week exercising have declined recently. Thanks for the great idea to help keep me motivated!

  • Angela @ MyPinkyToes November 15, 2011, 1:36 pm

    I think it’s a great idea to have a training plan through pregnancy! (Not that I know, because I’ve never been pregnant!) Like you, I love to live off a training plan…it always gives me something to work toward and look forward to! Good luck to you girl!

  • Heather November 15, 2011, 2:43 pm

    I love your idea of a blank training plan to fill in – I did that at the start of my weight loss and had a lot of success with it. [Plus, those extra days — when they do get filled in you feel like a ROCK STAR!] but I fear that I need a bit more structure these days in the plan department.

    I realized this a few weeks ago when I remembered I don’t have any races on my schedule until October 2012! Instead, I’m trying to log 60 miles during November and Demeber. I can run it however I want, as long as I get out there. It’s definitely a switch from other seasons of the year [I ran a few 20+ WEEKS this summer at the height of Boilermaker training] but considering I live in upstate New York and will be running ALL of these miles outside, I’m okay with dialing it back a bit. Don’t want to set myself up for failure, afterall!


  • Stephanie November 16, 2011, 1:39 pm

    I am now 31 weeks pregnant and continue to exercise 5 days a week but my definition of workout has changed. I was a marathoner and racer before pregnancy and continued to run until near the end of the second trimester. What surprised me was the reason that I have had to mostly stop running. Not because I don’t have the energy, but because it just plain hurts and is uncomfortable. My bladder pressure and pelvic pain just isn’t worth it when I can speed walk and still get a good sweat on. But I keep telling myself that there is no need to push myself to run if it hurts. I got into running because I enjoy it and why do something unenjoyable right now. Once I give birth I will find that enjoyment in running again.

  • Jenny December 13, 2011, 2:47 pm

    I guess I missed this post originally but I LOVE your skirt! My fiance is a huge Alabama fan and would make me wear it every Saturday if I owned it! haha

  • Celeste@MomBod Fitness December 17, 2011, 1:30 pm

    Love your chart! I like how you are staying flexible but still trying to get out there.

    I train pre/post natal women and have seen all sorts of different issues and pregnancies. No one is the same and it really depends on what their end goals are. Maybe it’s to keep up their cardiovascular system to be able to return to running sooner? Fix alignment issues so the weight of the baby doesn’t affect them so much? Get inner core muscles strong for labor, delivery and recovery? Learn how to breathe correctly to use the muscles effectively during labor? Lots of things to think about, but plenty of time to work on them all at some point 🙂

    You are going to have a great pregnancy, congrats!

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