Things I Need to Do More Often

Read an educational non-fiction book and actually learn something about this crazy, complex world we live in. (My deep-in-thought face -- for real.)   Read any thought-provoking books lately?  Do share!


Give back. The Husband and I don't have a lot of spare time.  I'd love to do volunteer work in my own community, but that just isn't feasible with my schedule.    Also -- we're not rich.  My Husband is in medical school, and we both work hard to pay the bills and afford some [...]


Do everything with purpose. The busier my life becomes, the more I realize the importance of doing everything with purpose.  Life is too short to just be on autopilot.  The truly successful (in work, friendship, and love) do everything with a purpose.  Success in life doesn't just happen; you work for it.   Tips for [...]


My mother gave me this little book: I guess that means she thinks I stress out too much. I especially like the tip:  Set Aside Quiet Time, Every Day.  The author writes that you don't need to make your quiet time this big hurrah.  Even if you just sit in your car and relax for [...]


Roll around on the living room with James: