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I’ve been struggling to make it to the gym lately.  I really miss my boot camp classes but can’t seem to make my work schedule and the kids’ sleeping/napping schedules align so I can go to classes.  And when I do work out, I really want to be outside since it’s so lovely out.  So I’ve been trying to get creative with at home strength training – Monday’s workout at Brandi’s house was pretty awesome!


Brandi and her hubby have an awesome garage gym, complete with two benches, a tire for flipping/banging, a bunch of free weights, and other odds and ends.  Their garage opens up right to the backyard, so the boys could play safely in the dirt while I got my strength training on.  I was pretty jealous of the set-up by the end and immediately started plotting ways to do something similar at my house!


I bet if I looked hard enough, I could find something similar to this dumbbell collection on Craigslist, right?  Heck, I probably just need a few 10s and 30s – I’ve already got some 20s.


Claire is at a really great age where I can let her crawl around and look at stuff, but she isn’t fast or curious enough yet to really get into big trouble.  She had lots of fun checking out the garage while I sweated!


Here’s what I did:


Goblet squats with overhead presses

Weighted lunges

Chest presses

Bicep curls with a static squat

Toe touches on the tire

Jumping jacks

Jump rope

A variety of ab moves


No tire flipping, though!  I could flip Brandi’s tire this summer when I was really into boot camp, but I tried to turn the 250-pound thing over this time and couldn’t do it for the life of me.  So sad how fast the strength goes away!


Do you have a home gym?  What’s in it?



  • Gena September 16, 2015, 11:11 am

    We are just building our gym up and these are great ideas! We have a treadmill, an ikea expedit bookshelf, and a tv. We want a free-standing pull-up bar and bench next. The Husband has those weight block things – you know select a weight. They feel a little big and bulky for me.

  • Amanda September 16, 2015, 11:45 am

    My home gym includes some resistance bands, a kettlebell, a few yoga mats, and a bunch of DVDs (Max 30, Insanity, PiYo is next), since I’m a Beachbody coach. I would love to get some weights at home as well!

  • Dottie (@crazyfitmommy) September 16, 2015, 11:45 am

    Oh wow, I’m so jealous of that tire!!! I used to have my gym equipment in the garage, but after it stayed 105 degrees plus for two straight months I decided I had to move most of it inside until I can put air conditioning in there. I turned my guest room into a martial arts room (so the carpet is fully covered with mats, and there are weapons, kick/punch pads, and that sort of thing in there. I’ve also hooked up a TV so I can use that room for workout videos if I want, and since I’m currently working on Insanity Asylum, there’s also a jump rope, agility ladder, and resistance bands in there. I have a small weight bench stored in the closet as well, and a pad to go over the mats so I can pull it out and lift whenever I want. As for the stuff I can’t fit in there — my treadmill is being moved to my bedroom (so I have a TV and the kiddos can’t mess with it) and I have a large Gold’s home gym that I can’t really move, so it’s staying in the garage and I’ll just use it during the winter.

  • Kate S. September 16, 2015, 12:37 pm

    Last spring, I finally sprung on a nice Pilates reformer off of Craigslist. I’m an instructor and have seen so many of my regular clients have difficulty making it to classes once they have kiddos, and I wanted to be ahead of the curve! I love it since it’s such a versatile full body resistance training machine (allows for literally dozens and dozens of different strength training exercises) *and* has a springboard allowing for supine jumping for cardio. I love it! And it couldn’t have been better timing since I got pregnant this summer–it’s been so great to hop on and work out for quick spurts on days when my energy was low and I wasn’t up to committing to a full hour long class. I love the flexibility and convenience of doing my favorite workout whenever I want. I sometimes miss the motivation and energy of a class setting, but I can’t beat the flexibility and convenience of doing my favorite workout whenever I want, or breaking it up into chunks throughout the day on particularly nutso days. It was a little scary investing (so many people don’t use their home exercise equipment), but if you genuinely enjoy being active, it’s totally worth it!

  • Amanda September 16, 2015, 12:42 pm

    My home gym really isn’t much! I have 3 sets of dumbells (3 lbs – for barre workouts, 5 lb, and 8 lb), a kettlebell, some resistance bands, a foam roller, yoga mats and a bunch of DVDs. We recently moved so I have been working out at home in the mornings in one of our spare bedrooms that just has some boxes – it’s been nice to have the room until I figure out what I’ll do regarding a gym membership. I’d love to get a treadmill and some weights to do body pump!

  • Amy September 16, 2015, 2:12 pm

    Yes! It takes a special motivation, but working out otherwise would be nearly impossible. We have a spin bike, elliptical machine, free weights, resistance bands, bosu, and pilates-type DVDs. I use nearly all of that equipment every week.

  • Sarah Evans September 16, 2015, 3:38 pm

    I transformed our garage into my own little workout space too after having my little one 2 years ago! I have a treadmill (though sparingly used bc I prefer to run outside- but good for ’emergency’ purposes!), my road bike on my trainer, an adjustable bench, free weights ranging from 8-25lbs, exercise ball, yoga mat, a Pilates ring, 4 resistance bands, foam rollers and a TV with DVD and DVR. Plus our w/d is in the garage too, so I can change out the laundry mid-workout 😉 It’s nice to have even when you go out for a run in the early mornings, you can get in some quick strength training or resistance band work before even walking back into the house (because you know as soon as you’re ‘officially’ home there’s no getting away from the kids/ husband to finish your workout!!)

  • Kate @KateMovingForward September 16, 2015, 3:50 pm

    My home gym is pretty small, it consists of 5-15 pound dumbbells, an exercise ball, a band, a medicine ball and a yoga mat. I had a pretty sweet setup in the basement of our house a couple years ago, but we’ve moved and our basement is now the creepy kind. It’s so easy to workout at home when you have a good space and equipment for it!

  • Wendy September 16, 2015, 4:00 pm

    Have you heard of It’s a husband-wife team that has hundreds of FREE workout videos on YouTube. Mostly strength training and HIIT. I do the workouts in my living room or garage. They’re the best, I highly recommend checking it out!!

  • LeighAnn September 16, 2015, 4:09 pm

    When we moved into our house my husband said he wouldn’t want to leave after work to go to the gym so he built his own…. We have multiple dumbbell sets, squat racks, rowers, bikes, benches, etc….. And just as you mentioned, it was all bought off of craigslist after lots of research. You can definitely get great stuff that way!

  • Erin @ Her Heartland Soul September 16, 2015, 5:02 pm

    Awesome home gym!

  • Kelly September 17, 2015, 7:46 am

    I would LOVE to get a tire and practice flipping it over to build strength. My home gym is super simple and just consists of a few different kettlebells. I recently started using these and really like them because most moves are full-body moves. Have you tried them? Might be something good to invest in 🙂

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