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So I’m clearly all about the fun caffeine latelyI’ve been dying to tell you guys about the Dirty Chai since October.  Do you remember when I went on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder, Colorado?  (By the way, if you’re in that area, you should totally go on this free tour – it’s really cool!)


When I was on the tour, I got to learn about a new top-secret project.  Well… it’s not secret anymore – the new chai line is on the market, and you can taste it, too!  The cool thing about Celestial Seasonings’ new chai teas is that they come in a variety of formats, like Celestial lattes (available in both bottles and concentrates) and chai tea bags. 


The tea bags come in these flavors: Dirty Chai, Coconut Thai Chai, and Mountain Chai + Decaf Mountain Chai.  I am IN LOVE with the Dirty Chai.  It’s a combination of chai spice, black tea, and espresso… and it’s SO delicious. 


Fun story – Celestial Seasonings has a teahouse on the University of Boulder campus, and all the students were ordering Dirty Chais off the secret menu.  So the factory went to the drawing board and perfected a tea bag that has almost all the elements of a Dirty Chai built into the bag.  Neat, huh?


I’ve been adding Dirty Chai tea to warm coconut milk – it’s really good.


The new bottles are great for on-the-go.  And the concentrates allow you to easily create customized drinks with your choice of milk  <— I felt like a barista whipping mine up!  Flavors include the Dirty Chai, Mountain Chai, Matcha Green, and the Godfather, which is essentially a Dirty Chai with cocoa powder (!!).  The Godfather tastes excellent chilled over ice with coconut milk.  I think this blend is really tasty, but I prefer the bags so I can control the added sugar.


Want to know how long to brew tea for the best taste?  Here’s a great explanation by tea type!


And here’s your chance to win an AMAZING prize pack to try all these teas, tea concentrates, and MORE!

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And happy tea drinking!


This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings.  Thanks, as always, for reading sponsored posts and supporting my blog.



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