February 2014

What’s Your Longest Running Streak?

Imagine running the same eight-point-something mile loop every single day.  For 14,279 days.  IN A ROW.  That’s 39 years of running with NO rest days.  In case you’re curious, that adds up to 107,465.3 miles (as of October 2014). Meet Raven, as he is affectionately known.  I read about Raven (real name – Robert Kraft) [...]


Weekend in Florida

Everyone say, “Hi, GrandpaHTP!” Henry and I flew (solo! and we clearly survived!) down to Florida for a super mini family reunion.  Although I’ve seen my grandfather a few times since, this was only the second time that he’s seen Henry.  They first met when Henry was about 8 weeks old. Doesn’t my grandpa look [...]