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After a pretty stressful week, I finally, FINALLY found the time to lace up my sneakers and go for a run.  A solo sweat session never felt so sweet.

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I really fell off track this week.  Happens to all of us, right?  I was following a 10K training plan from Another Mother Runner, but I’ve kind of devolved into just running or swimming whenever I can get around to it. 

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I’m still using the plan to track my workouts (it’s taped to my fridge).  After three really decent weeks (15, 11.5, and 17 miles), this week sucked.  During the work week, I only managed to run a grand total of 2.5 miles.  Whoops.  Gonna try to make up lost ground this weekend.   I did a fiver today!  Not too shabby.  Maybe if I can pull out another five miler tomorrow, I can clock in a decent weekly total.


Other morning activities: playtime with Henry and his Daddy.

photo 3

Pancakes for breakfast.  Yum.


And a brown rice, lentil, corn relish, greens, and sunflower seed mix for lunch.


Off to run errands and get some business related stuff done.  It seems to never end.  At least it’s pretty outside, though!

photo 1

Happy Saturday!


Anyone else making up lost workout time this weekend?



  • Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat October 13, 2012, 12:07 pm

    Ahh a good sweat session always makes me happy! My workouts have gone pretty well this week but I had to forego some strength training yesterday due to a longer than usual work day. (At work @7am = cardio only!) I’m making up for it today though.. had a great run this morning and am off to an instructor meeting for the next 3 hours – Body Pumping, Stepping, Attacking, and RPM-ing my butt off! Happy Saturday Caitlin!

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats October 13, 2012, 12:09 pm

    I hope you get in that second run tomorrow! It’s hard to keep up with a training plan when life is so busy!

  • Sana October 13, 2012, 12:18 pm

    Yay! For running 🙂

  • Laura Ann October 13, 2012, 12:21 pm

    “It seems to never end.” My thoughts exactly. We recently closed on a house and are doing all sorts of work on it before we move in. Adding that to a f/t job, a part-time private practice, and a long daily commute, I am very much missing my workouts! I’m jealous of your 2.5 miles. 🙂

  • Liza October 13, 2012, 12:51 pm

    I was planning on making up for the fact that I took Tuesday and wed. Off because I had midterms to study for (grad school is not so fun). I got a flu shot yesterday and luckily went to the gym last night to get some exercise in because I woke up this morning with aches and pains. Not sure if it was from the flu shot or lifting on Thursday or maybe just a little worn down? Are you planning on getting the flu shot? What about for henry? I haven’t had one in years but I just started grad school at NYU and know I will be exposed to the flu this year. I also have Lupus so it’s complicated…some say we should get the flu shot some say we shouldn’t. Honestly I just can’t risk getting sick this semester. Interested to hear what you guys decide to do.

    • Caitlin October 13, 2012, 1:28 pm

      No, not for me or Henry. It’s just not a choice that I have ever made or will ever make to get the flu shot. I hope you don’t get sick!

  • Sharon October 13, 2012, 12:51 pm

    Ha! Looks like I’m not the only one that wore 2 different socks running today! Hope you have a great Saturday, Caitlin! P.S. Henry just gets cuter and cuter every single day!

  • Cindy October 13, 2012, 1:13 pm

    I’m trying to catch up on everything. I got really behind this week. Weight lifting today and hopefully spinning tomorrow. Good luck getting the last run in!

  • Katie @ Talk Less, Say More October 13, 2012, 2:03 pm

    I’m making up for lost yoga time from the last few weeks. 😉

  • Christina October 13, 2012, 2:13 pm

    Be careful about running 2 5 miles in a row… it’s nice to make up mileage but you don’t want to get injured, or even be overly sore and have to skip more workouts!

  • Ellie@Fit for the Soul October 13, 2012, 2:13 pm

    awww Henry is so handsome! Does he hear that all the time when he’s out in public? 😀 And I’m def. making up some workout time this weekend! I’ve been sick for the past 4 days and I’m finally feeling normal energy wise. Just not my sniffles hehe.

  • Sandee October 13, 2012, 3:47 pm

    Training for my first marathon so today’s long run was 16!yay! I’ve never run that far before!

  • Allison October 13, 2012, 4:13 pm

    Your blog and Daily Garnish, I now pretty much just read for the super cute baby pictures!

  • Anna October 13, 2012, 4:27 pm

    You are handling so many things, I can`t believe you can even get in those 15 miles that you ran the other week. I only have college classes and already feel completely overwhelmed. See the week as a cut-back one. Next week will be all the better, I`m sure.
    Your lunch looked very tasty, by the way.

  • CJ @ Fill the Well October 13, 2012, 4:45 pm

    I appreciate your attitude of not getting down about having an off week. Sometimes I get caught up in beating myself up for it, and it starts a downward spiral, instead of just moving forward. Great reminder.

  • Erica October 13, 2012, 5:37 pm

    Way to get back on it! Your meals are always so pretty! I taught Step this morning. Tomorrow, I”ll probably just walk with Kaylin. Happy Saturday!

  • luv what you do October 13, 2012, 5:46 pm

    A run this morning and yoga tomorrow. I’m hoping to get my half marathon training plan up and running this weekend!

  • Kelly October 13, 2012, 6:01 pm

    I’ve been slacking on workouts the last 3-4 weeks! I have a baby a few weeks older than Henry, and we’ve hit “4 month sleep regression” meaning many, many sleepless nights! I’d love to hear how you stay motivated to run despite new mommy sleep deprivation!

  • Natalie @ Free Range Human October 13, 2012, 9:30 pm

    Yep! My husband and I went on the best bike ride today. It was so nice!

  • Bonnie October 14, 2012, 6:46 am

    I totally get it. The other week I was going on long walks three days a week and jogging on two days, but I’ve kind of fallen into a rut. I’m starting back up yoga – I haven’t done it for a few months and I can tell my body isn’t as strong- I’ve only done it for the past three days and I am quite sore! But it’s a good feeling 🙂 If you’re feeling crunched for time and you want to get back into yoga, you should check out there’s a new free streaming yoga class every week, but I actually think it’s worth it to pay $10 to get the unlimited streaming- after all, I’ve done three days in a row and that’s great when I haven’t been exercising at all. Plus, I actually feel excited to do yoga again, when for a while, it was a chore. Hopefully I can keep this up and hopefully, you can too 🙂

  • Susan October 14, 2012, 10:12 am

    Hi Caitlin,
    Where can I find your training plan? Is is posted somewhere on your site? Thank you!

    • Caitlin October 14, 2012, 10:39 am

      Its in the Train Like a Mother book.

      • Susan October 14, 2012, 12:04 pm

        Thank you!

  • Gillian October 14, 2012, 10:43 am

    Think of it as a cut back week. Next week you will feel stronger than ever now that your muscles have had a chance to repair themselves from the 17. 11.5 to 17 is a big jump in mileage. You don’t want to get injured.

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