Dinner Time Picnic

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I arranged a nice picnic for the Husband and myself tonight. 


We set up our Miami chairs under a shady tree….


And enjoyed a lovely dinner!


I made Healthy Chicken Salad sammies (NF plain yogurt, grilled chicken, celery, and red onions) with a squishy bun.    I ate about 2/3 of the sammie and passed the rest to my Human Garbage Disposal.


We also had some blackberries.


And these AMAZING Lundberg Rice Chips (Santa Fe BBQ flavor).


The Lundberg Rice Chips "are gluten free and made with the whole grain goodness of brown rice."  Normally, I think gluten free stuff is lacking "something," but these chips were DELISH!  They had a really unique taste and were so flavorful.  Also, there was no funny taste in my mouth when I was done eating them — it must be all the natural and organic ingredients!  :)  The Husband wolfed down 4 servings while we picnicked, so I think he liked them, too!


The setting was gorgeous! :)  It was a nice view for dinner.


And here are my mid-afternoon snackies…. grapes:


Yogurt and cereal….


And a Lundberg Rice Cake, which was also good (but the chips were better!).


Whew! Lots of delicious eats today.  🙂


I’m not sure what the game plan for tonight is…. but we’re eyeing a bottle of champagne and thinking about drinking it ALL.  Sounds good, right?!


Have a glorious Saturday night!


Edited to Add:


Yup, the champagne is FLOWIN!  We’re drinking a Mumm Napa Cuvee.


(Hahah see the Aloe Vera in the background?! — the Husband has a terrible sunburn from golfing! LOL.  My little redheaded Brit!).



  • VeggieGirl April 18, 2009, 5:04 pm

    What a nice, intimate picnic!!

  • Anonymous April 18, 2009, 5:05 pm
  • K from ksgoodeats April 18, 2009, 5:32 pm

    I vote for champagne!! What a great dinner 🙂

  • Meg April 18, 2009, 5:52 pm

    What a beautiful setting! What a great idea for an intimate dinner!

  • Krista April 18, 2009, 5:56 pm

    A picnic sounds wonderful! It’s been years since we’ve done that!!

  • Marlow April 18, 2009, 6:08 pm

    Try the Seaweed flavor! It sounds terrible but it actually tastes like Cool Ranch doritos!

  • jenngirl April 18, 2009, 6:10 pm

    Beautiful end to the day! And yes, please go for some champagne! 🙂

  • Adi (oatonomy.com) April 18, 2009, 6:14 pm

    Looks like a really nice time, Caitlin. Glad you guys can take the time to enjoy your relationship, good food and awesome views!

  • emily April 18, 2009, 6:37 pm

    I love to picnic! I always vote for champagne! Your ice bucket is actually boasting my favorite champagne of all time (Moet & Chandon).

  • Dayna (HopefulRunner) April 18, 2009, 8:01 pm

    Thumbs up on the champagne! I’m enjoying a nice glass of cab myself! Have a great night. 🙂

  • runsarah April 18, 2009, 8:23 pm

    What a gorgeous picnic setting and great food…awesome date idea!

  • ChickPea April 18, 2009, 9:42 pm

    So jealous of your picnic-ing fun! Great idea:)

  • curlytop April 19, 2009, 1:08 am

    Picnics are the best! I’ve been meaning to have one every since I saw Amy’s post the other day!

    Have a good Sunday!

    With Love,


  • MizFit April 19, 2009, 4:13 am

    that is SO THOUGHTFUL.
    and I need to follow suit.
    just looking at the pics and the effort you made and the QUALITY time together for you two.

    I need to follow suit.

  • Summer Slim April 19, 2009, 8:43 am

    i love your picnic! i can’t wait to start having some as the weather gets warmer in new york!

  • Mo April 19, 2009, 9:00 am

    My favorite champagne! Nice way to top off the romantic date night!

  • Red Head, Yellow Dog April 19, 2009, 10:05 am

    yay i love picnics!! that looks lovely

    and yes, us redheads burn like you would not believe! we skip tanning and go straight to RED! to match our hair of course 🙂

  • eatingRD April 19, 2009, 3:07 pm

    mmm . . . looks like a great picnic! Mumm is yum. Did you guys get to go there when you were in Napa? The view there is amazing too! And you can order flights of champagne to try.


  • iowagirleats April 20, 2009, 9:41 am

    OMG what a sweet little picnic!! My husband would die for your chairs – he’s the biggest Miami fan eva!!

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