Tux Madness

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Tuxedo shopping was much more intense than bridesmaid dress shopping!  There were many decisions to be made… color of tux (brown or black?), type of tux (2 button or 3?), type of vest (long or short?), color and then pattern of vest, color and then pattern of tie, color of shirt, color of cuff links, suspenders or not, color of napkins… WHEW!!  Luckily, we had a groomsman with us to help us make key decisions. 🙂


Future Husband will be wearing a three-button pinstripe Ralph Lauren tuxedo with a white vest and tie (my dress is pure white as well):


The groomsmen will be wearing the same tuxedo, but with a yellow vest and tie (the color of the bridesmaid dresses).  Their vest is short, so only the tie will show the tuxes are buttoned.  (This picture has a bit of a red vest peeking through, but our guys will have a yellow vest):


And the dads will have a TWO button version of the same tuxedo and silver vests and ties:


After tuxedo shopping, we went to Total Wine to pick out a bottle of wine for tonight’s dinner.  Future Husband looked like he had just died and gone to heaven–there were AISLES and AISLES of wine.  I sampled a pinot noir, which is what we ended up buying.


By this point, Future Husband, the two groomsmen that had accompanied us on the shopping, and I were too hungry to wait to drive back home.  We went to Houlihan’s for lunch.  We usually split two lunches when we eat out…


We split the Grilled Ahi Salad (described on the menu as, "seared rare tuna, napa cabbage, soy drizzles, cilantro, bananas, wonton strips, cashews, house-made banana-ginger vinaigrette.") We had the wonton strips and vinaigrette on the side.  This was my portion (about 1/3 of the salad):


We also split a Southwest Grilled Shrimp Wrap.  It was a mix of shrimp, black beans, corn, lettuce, and seasonings… quite delicious!


Our evening plans include dinner with friends. 🙂 They invited us over for football and dinner, and I’m pretty pumped to not have to cook! 🙂 Have a wonderful night!



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