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Can I just say how NICE it is to finally meet friends in Orlando? I’ve lived here for over and year, and I’ve only met a handful of people so far…. it’s so nice to find nice girls in Jenna and Meghann!


We went to my favorite Thai restaurant — Royal Thai.  Literally, everything on the menu is divine, and it took me a bit of menu-browsing to settle on Pa-ang Chicken (a creamy curry sauce).  I got it THAI HOT, and it definitely cleared my sinuses! 🙂


I ate about 1/2 of what was presented, and I had about 1 cup of sticky white rice.  I also tried out Jenna’s dish (tofu basil) and Meghann’s dish (a green curry chicken).  Our leftovers came home in a doggy bag for Future Husband, my personal garbage disposal. 🙂


After dinner, Jenna said she was craving "something sweet," and I definitely agreed! We drove to Dandelion Communitea Cafe and had some delicious vegan desserts


Meghann had a brownie, I had a sprinkle sugar cookie (in the middle), and Jenna had a glazed cinnamon cookie (all vegan!).  I like Jenna’s the most!


Other Eats of the Day


I confess…. around 4 PM, I randomly shoved two slices of WW bread in my mouth, straight from the bag!  I guess I was hangry!


A little earlier, I had Grape Nuts and yogurt…


For lunch, I used up the last of my Neon Eggplant and made a eggplant, baby corn, broc, and chicken stir-fry.  On the side, I had about 1/2 cup of cous cous.  A very VOLUMINOUS lunch!



My mid-morning snack was a spoonful of PB with chocolate chipsThese things need to get out of my house. NOW.


I also had a bowl of cantaloupe. I’m going to miss the summer fruits!


Sorry for the short (and late) post, but I was out having fun! 🙂 I’ll have a much longer post tomorrow morning…. with some FUN WEDDING PLANNING DETAILS, as requested! Yayyyyy!


Good night, sleep tight!



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