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Hello! Good afternoon.  Today just seems to be slipping away… soon, it will be Monday again!

Around 1 PM, Future Husband and I decided to go to the gym for some light cardio.  Before we left, I had a slice of WW toast and some PB.


At the gym, I did some arm exercises (gotta look buff in that wedding dress!), including bicep curls, tricep push downs, assisted chin-ups, and dual pulley rows.  I also did a little ab exercises, including 90 bicycle crunches and 3 30-second planks.


I hit up the cardio machines for 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the recumbent bike.  I always thought the bike was "easy," but I pumped up the resistance and definitely felt the burn in my thighs!


I forgot to wear my Heart Rate Monitor, which I found to be so de-motivating.  I work out so much harder when I’m wearing it! 🙂


After the gym, we ran a bunch of errands.  We both munched on a Kashi TLC bar in the car….


We drove to Costco, which is always a financial challenge.  Its so easy to drop $200 at Costco, so we took $80 in cash and swore we wouldn’t spend any more than that.  After lots of browsing and haggling with each other ("We can buy the almonds if you put the beef back…."), we ended up spending $95.  Close enough!


I tried a few samples at Costco (some French bread, apple slices, and crackers), but nonetheless…. by the time we got back I was STARVING.  This was poor planning on my part; I should’ve known it takes us hours to get through Costco and that a tiny Kashi bar wouldn’t be enough to hold me over!  It was 4:00 PM by the time I got to eat "lunch."


I was too hungry to prepare anything besides cereal.  I had about 1.5 cups of Kashi Heart to Heart, some raisins, and almonds with skim milk. 


I did manage to tame my hunger long enough to chop up a pear. 🙂


What’s your go-to meal when you’re hungry and need something FAST?  I like cereal + yogurt or PB sammies, too!



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