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Future Husband and I are getting REALLY excited for the football game.  We made lunch and watched College Game Day, which is in Gainesville–err, I mean CANESville–today.  We’re going to leave in an hour or so!




I asked Future Husband what he wanted for lunch, and he immediately responded, "Something LIGHT. And we better get vegetables in now!"  A man after my own heart. 🙂


We each had a side salad (spinach, cucumber, carrots, and broc), a slice of watermelon (which was dubbed, "The BEST I’ve ever had!" by Future Hus), and a pressed cheese sandwich.





Before lunch, we took the dogs to the dog park to let them blow off some steam.  They’ll be in their crates all day (my neighbor’s going to let them out for pee pee breaks), so we needed to burn off their energy.  It is SO sweltering outside (over 90 degrees for sure), and James Bond (black fur coat!) is just positively pooped.


Future Husband and I discussed going to the gym, but we decided it would be best to conserve our energy.  We won’t get home until 3:00 AM or so!




I was craving a warm cereal, so I mixed 1/4 cup Ezekiel 4:9 with 1/4 cup Grape Nuts.  I heated up a sliced banana and 1/4 cup of milk (1 minute in the microwave–didn’t want to fuss with dishes) and mixed everything together.





Last night was a serious test of self-control.  I baked desserts for my family’s tailgate.  I made Rice Crispy Treats (yay, HFCS!) and M&M Tollhouse Cookies.



I love to bake, but it’s always a challenge for me NOT to EAT MY FACE OFF as I cook.  I just want to pop cookie dough or marshmallows or M&Ms in my mouth as I go! 


The trouble with eating as I bake is that I probably consume 400 calories in the process AND I still want to sample my treats when they are baked (of course!).  Last night, I made a deal with myself:  I could eat all the rice crispy treats and cookies I wanted after they were done, but ONLY if I didn’t sample the ingredients as I went.


I chewed a piece of gum to keep myself from snacking.  It was hardest not to mindlessly munch while separating out the blue, green, and orange M&Ms (I made orange and green cookies for the CANES and blue and orange cookies for the Gators). 


Since I managed to make it through baking without snacking, I had a rice crispy treat and three small cookies at the end.  This was a ginormous dessert, but I truthfully would’ve eaten the same amount of finished treats even if I had snacked my way through the baking process.  So, I was satisfied with my choices!


I ate a Gator cookie because the Canes are going to EAT THE GATORS ALIVE today! 🙂


Gotta go get ready! We won’t be back until MUCH later, but I’ll post an update of the day tomorrow AM before I leave to meet up with  Meghann, a local blog reader.  We’re going to go on a morning run and browse the downtown Farmer’s Market—I’m so excited!


Have a wonderful day! Let’s go CANES!



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