I Miss You

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Dear Running:

It’s only been a day, but I already miss you.  I wish I could go on a nice, long run–but I can’t.  I’ll lay in bed tonight wishing I had a visit with you, dreaming of the wind in my face and the concrete under my feet.  Oh yes– that’s exactly why I couldn’t come visit you today… because my foot is freakin’ killing me!




Obviously, my foot still hurts, and I chose to sit out tonight’s run.   Maybe I’ll do some light cardio tomorrow, but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.


Anyways, on to today’s eats. For dinner, I had a slice of lasagna and some veggies on the side.  The lasagna was vegetarian, so I added some Morning Star Meal Starter in between a few layers for extra protein.  Delicious!


Tonight, I made a "baby" lasagna using a loaf pan.  Instead of making a huge casserole dish of lasagna, this method creates two perfectly-sized pieces.


And my other eats of the day…


Two plums for a 5:00 PM snack.  I had to work late today, so I needed a big old snack.


And around 2:00 PM, I had my typical afternoon snack: yogurt + Uncle Sam’s Original + granola.  I need a more interesting mid-afternoon snack. 🙂 Sorry to be so boring!


Did anyone see this very interesting article from the NY Times?  One parent of an obese child is quoted as saying,  “You don’t want your child complaining or feeling left out, so you give him what he wants.”


Its intriguing to consider how little parents want to take responsibility for their own children’s health!  What do you think?  Should we blame the larger forces (friends, society, marketing) or place responsibility with the parents (who only have a few chances each day to influence their child’s eating habits)? 



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