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We’re running out of groceries! I haven’t been eating any meat lately because we’re ALL OUT!  So, I had a vegetarian lunch.


Two pieces of WW toast, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, celery, and cantaloupe.


Earlier, I munched on some trailmix…


And a Blueberry Z-Bar.  This is the last of the Z-Bars I bought from Whole Foods.  Between Spooky Smores, Blueberry, and Honey Graham, I think I liked Honey Graham the most!  I will definitely buy this bar again!





While uploading my lunch pictures, I found a ‘ghost’ folder of old pictures from college.  I think I took them right before I inserted my memory card into the camera, so they were stored on the camera’s "hard drive."  There was a really funny one of Future Husband (at 20 years old!!) and one of me looking through the camera’s manual (Future Husband gave it to me for Christmas). 


I will save Future Husband from public embarrassment and only post the picture of myself….  🙂


This picture is dated 01/01/2005.   From looking at the picture, I was only about 8 lbs heavier than I am now, but I suppose the biggest change from then to now is on the inside.  Back then, I never exercised, partied all the time (literally), and ate like crap.


However, Future Husband and I just got a laugh out of this picture because it reminded us of the good old college days (that’s my tiny apartment bedroom).  Plus…. we’ll be getting married almost 4 years to the day after this picture was taken! CRAZYYYYYY! Where does the time go? Next thing you know, we’ll be 35 with little miniature Future Husbands and See Bride Runs. 😉


Have a nice day!



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