Gotta make this snappy–work is INSANE today!


Around 10 AM, I had a mid-morning snack. I ate 1/4 of a cantaloupe.  It was about to go off, so it was now or never! Maggie helped me eat a lot of it — she’s such a vegetarian doggie.




A reader (Sarah) e-mailed me this morning with an insanely delicious-sounding sammie idea.  Her idea was white cheese, turkey bacon, and apple, all grilled up together.  I instantly KNEW I could take this concept and make a bangin’ sammie… after all, pretty much everything tastes better in sandwich form–including apples.


My version included 3 oz. of grilled chicken, 1 oz. of cheddar cheese, and 1/2 Gala apple.  The flavors melted together so excellently!  And it was a nice change to have a "crunch" in my sammie that didn’t come from lettuce.


Before I put the sandwich on the grill, I microwaved it for about 45 seconds to warm up the apple (I keep all my fruit in the fridge) and start melting the cheese.  I use the technique for all my hot sandwiches–it works so well!


And, because my sandwich was so calorie-dense and I’ve kind of overloaded on fruit so far today, I had a nice spinach and veggie salad on the side.


I just found out that there will be FREE food and FREE beer after my Half Marathon.  UM, I just got a little bit more excited!!! 🙂


Back to the grind! See you for a 6.0 miler later tonight!


What’s your favorite unexpected sandwich ingredient? Mine is sweet potato!



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