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Good morning! I took an early lunch break today because… boy oh boy… I was hungry!  My extremely disgusting mid-day snack didn’t hold me over very well.


I’m sorry if you’re a fan of the Chocolate Mint Jocalot bars, but this seriously grossed me out.  The first few bites were fine… but I nearly choked down the last bit.  It was a weird taste! But, fuel nonetheless!


Lunch – Tofu and Plum Salad Sammie


Lunch was much more satisfying (and pretty)!


I made a Tofu and Plum Salad Sammie with 1/5 block baked tofu (plain), 2 tablespoons full fat Fage, 1/2 sliced plum, 1 piece chopped celery, and S&P to taste.


The plum was a great addition to this sammie! I like to add grapes, too–it just complements the creaminess of the Fage so well.


By the way, I never put mayo on my salad sandwiches–plain yogurt, Fage, or cottage cheese works so much better (and is much healthier)!


On the side, I had a sliced banana and the other half of my plum.


I purposefully had a larger lunch than normal (an extra 100 calories or so) because  lately I’ve been getting hungry an hour after eating lunch.  I guess my increased mileage is making me crave more healthy fuel!


Do you know of any other healthy substitutions like my Fage instead of mayo switch-a-roo?


Back to the grind! See you for a run later tonight!



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