Work is going quickly today, and I’m feeling productive! I think this morning’s run just got me off on the right foot. 🙂 My lunch break is almost over, but first–a quick recap of my delicious lunch.

Tofu Gyros with Yogurt Cucumber Sauce

I sauteed extra firm tofu (already in chunks, how convenient!) with some EVOO, S&P, and chili powder. I also through in some thin slices of red onions to make it more “gyro-ish.” While that cooked, I stirred up some nonfat plain yogurt and chopped cucumber to make the sauce. Once everything was ready, I wrapped it all up in a nice, warm WW pita. YUM!

On the side, I had roasted zucchini “fries” and some raw carrots. Also delicious–but too filling. I gave 1/3 of the carrots and zuch to Maggie (obviously, my dog would love vegetables).

It was a different and filling lunch! I’m a little stuffed now, actually.

Snack – 1o AM

I got hit HARD by hunger around 10. I wanted something small because I knew I’d need an early lunch anyways, so I had a Wasa cracker with hummus and some pine nuts.

Tonight is going to be fun-filled. We have out of town guests visiting, and we’re going to head downtown to enjoy dinner + drinks. Hopefully, I won’t overdo it on the drinks, because I’d love to do a long run in the morning!

Have a good Friday! See you for dinner.



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