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Future Husband gave me an acupuncture treatment and I took a four hour nap! I feel much better now.

When I woke up, I had a platter dinner. Eating loads of little snacks is so much more satisfying to me than eating a single dish casserole. I had broc, carrots, spinach and mustard wrapped up in two slices of turkey, and 1/2 inch slices of French bread, topped with a plum tomato and 1.5 ounces of melted cheese…. mmmm!

Snack – 3 PM

Before I gave up a took a nap, I made a coffee with a banana and PB to try to perk me up. It didn’t work, but it was delicious!

After dinner, Future Husband’s brother and best friend came over and we’re watching some Olympics. I snacked on apricots.

And then someone — pretty sure it was me — suggested we go get ice cream! 🙂 I had coffee, heath bar, and graham cracker ( small). It was wayyyy rich.

Back to the Olympics. Michael Phelps is up. Man, are these male gymnasts jacked or what? Impressive!



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