rock me like a hurricane

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It looks like Hurricane Faye will be striking Orlando tomorrow afternoon. I’m not a big fans of hurricanes, as I survived Hurricane Andrew as a child (note the use of the word “survived” and not “experienced”… it was gnarly), but this little girl looks like a small one. I’m not worried, but I will have to wake up tomorrow morning for a run! I bet the gym will be closed by mid-day!

Mid-Morning Snack

A nice, juicy plum….

and a big cup of coffee (#2, I’m bad, I know).


I had a 3 oz. portion of lemon basil fettuccine and sauteed tofu (with lemon and S&P). I made a “cream” sauce with some goat cheese and milk… it was delicious! Alongside, I had a heaping portion of steamed broc.

Afternoon Snacks

Unfortunately, my pasta didn’t hold me over AT ALL, and an hour later I needed a snack:

I had yogurt, Kashi, Grape Nuts, some real nuts, and raisins. Delicious! A couple hours later, I had PB and banana… the perfect pre-gym snack.

Time to wrap up some loose ends at work, and then it’s off to the gym! See you for dinner.



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