mid-day munchie madness

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Can’t….stop…munching! Isn’t it weird how your hunger skyrockets on non-workout days (has anyone else noticed this??). Around 10 AM, I had a half a Larabar and a peach…

The PB flavor of Larabar is really amazing! It’s all the rage in blogland, at least. 🙂


I had a simple cheese, spinach, and turkey sandwich on WW bread. Alongside, I ate a carrot and a tomato…. delicious way to get some veggies in!

Then, the HUNGER struck. Seriously, it was painful. I tried to ignore it at first–after all, I had just eaten that sandwich–but after 20 minutes, it still didn’t go away and I ate. I try to listen to my hunger cues, and they were telling me make a BIG BOWL OF YOGURT AND CEREAL!

I think cereal and yogurt might be my #1 snack. What’s yours?



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