healing with whole foods

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Look at this fun book Future Husband bought me! It’s called “Healing with Whole Foods” and the back says, “This book brings together authentic traditions of Asian medicine with current Western research on health and nutrition to create the most detailed sourcebook available on planning and preparing the optimal diet.” It’s 730 pages long, but I’m excited to browse through it!

Before lunch, I had a snack of grapes…


I was just craving a melty turkey and cheddar sandwich on whole wheat bread…

And another fruit and veggie platter! This one had carrots, cucumbers, a plum, and a raw green onion. I think its a southern thing to eat raw green onions, but they are sooo good.

… and I broke down and had a few pieces of Dove Dark Chocolate. If Future Husband ever leaves me, I think I am going to marry this chocolate and have its chocolate babies (that doesn’t even make sense… what I meant to say is – I am obsessed with this stuff.)

Back to work! Have a great day!



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