Eat your greens!


I always KNEW I should eat stuff like collard greens, kale, Swiss chard, and mustard greens because they’re packed with nutrients and fiber, but I could never figure out how to prep the so they didn’t taste… well, absolutely disgusting.  Hah!  But really, greens are so delicious naturally that you don’t really have to mess with them too much. 


The trouble is if you overcook them and make ‘em soggy and gross.  A light steaming and a little bit of salt is all you need. 


Here’s how I prep steamed greens!


First, chop and rinse the greens (for the Husband and I, I use an entire head of collard greens).


Then, place the greens in a wok and add a cup of water.


Then, put a top of the wok and turn the burner to high.  Cook for fifteen minutes.


Drain the liquid from the pot and place the uncovered greens back on the turned off wok for a moment to heat off any remaining liquid.


Salt and serve…


Nutritious and delicious!

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