Also check out  So You Wanna Do a Triathlon:  Swimming   You could say that cycling is in my blood.  DadHTP is an accomplished rider and passed the love of the sport onto me.  Not that I had any choice in the matter – I practically grew up on the back of a road bike! [...]


Let me preface this new post series by stating that I do not think I am a triathlon expert.  However, I did go from utter couch potato to completing 12 triathlons, swim, or bike events (including – in order – a failed sprint tri, a 100K bike race, an Olympic tri relay, an Olympic tri, [...]


Give Triathlons a Try

Per a reader’s request, I thought I’d do a little post on triathlons.  If you’re a newer reader, you might think I’ve always been all about the running, but I’ve actually done several cycling events and triathlons:   Moss Park Sprint Triathlon that became a Dualthon – June 2008 Echelon Gran Fondo Century Bike Race [...]