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Good afternoon! I’m chugging along at work.  Whenever I have a BIG project with a TIGHT deadline, I get a little antsy, but I’ve got to keep on reminding myself that it will get done in time…. it always does!


It’s really hard to think, though, when I have to put up with James Bond harassing squirrels from his shelf all morning long:

Seriously- he does that NONSTOP.  It’s cute when he does that "ruff ruff grooowl" thing (like he does at the end of the clip), but otherwise it’s pretty freaking annoying!


But, this is a FOOD and FITNESS blog, not a doggie blog, so let’s move forward, shall we?


Around 9 AM, I had a Kardea Nutrition Bar.  I tried the Almond-Cranberry flavor today.  It was really good!  The appearance of the bar is kind of disconcerting at first (it’s shiny and wet-looking), but its actually quite tasty.


Later, I had a bowl of cantaloupe.  Part of the trouble with getting up early is that it throws off my whole eating schedule.  Oh well!


And, at 11:30 (see… told you… a super early lunch!), I had a bowl of Onion and Polenta Soup.  I used Pacific Natural Foods Organic Beef Broth Soup as the base and added in: roasted broc, a 1/2 serving of roasted polenta crotons, and strips of roasted Vidalia onion.


Unfortunately, I was not impressed with this soup. The beef broth lacked flavor.  I like the other Pacific Natural Foods soups, however!  I ended up tossing the last 1/3 of the soup and eating a handful of almonds to make up for it.


I also had a piece of WW toast + cottage cheese on the side.


Back to work for me! I am super excited to go on my 5 mile TEMPO run tonight!! I love knowing I have a great workout in my future; it just makes me so happy and relaxed.


Enjoy your day!



  • sharon October 14, 2008, 9:23 am

    My dog is also a “squirrel hunter”! He gets into stalking mode as soon as I let him out in the backyard. It is quite funny to watch! He is a hunting dog, so I guess it’s in his blood!

    Good luck with your 5 mile run! I have the day off from work and think I will go for my run now to get it out of the way. Also, good luck with your work project- you will get it done and then you can relax with a good run! Have a great day :0)

  • Meg October 14, 2008, 9:52 am

    Love your squirrel harrasser!

    So far I pretty much like the Kardea bars. The Chai spice was a little too spicy for me!

  • VeggieGirl October 14, 2008, 9:55 am

    Good luck with the project!! You WILL get it done, no doubt.

    Haha!!! James is too funny – my dear Kiwi (may she rest in peace) used to chase squirrels like mad :0)

    Sorry about the soup :0(

    Enjoy your tempo run later!!

  • glidingcalm October 14, 2008, 10:01 am

    that soup looks insanely delicious!!

    and i loved the factoids from this morning. i had an apple before my lunch too!!

    happy tuesday Cait!

  • Julia October 14, 2008, 11:04 am

    Hey Caitlin,
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    You may already be familiar with it. It’s about word count analysis in speech and writing and what certain trends may indicate. It gives really neat breakdowns of the Obama/McCain debates and tells you who uses more of each category of word (pronoun, verb, etc.) Have a great day!

  • Meghann October 14, 2008, 11:16 am

    I have no sound on my computer at work, but I will be sure to view it when I get home! If Abbie had a shelf she would be bark crazy too! She’s bad enough on the porch.

  • Lauren @ Team Giles October 14, 2008, 11:37 am

    This may be a dumb question… but what is WW toast?

  • Caitlin (see bride run) October 14, 2008, 11:39 am

    julia – sweet link! thanks!

    lauren – short hand for whole wheat! 🙂 sorry!

  • arielle October 14, 2008, 11:57 am

    Jack goes after squirrels all the time. And pigeons. It’s ridiculous.

  • sara October 14, 2008, 12:35 pm

    hey caitlin- just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to answer my question on training-for-marathon methods. it was extremely useful! I’d also like to add that I’m from Guatemala. I’m just saying this bc i thought you might find it interesting/cool that someone in central america reads your blog daily!..

    have a great afternoon! 🙂

  • Caitlin (see bride run) October 14, 2008, 12:40 pm

    sara – i find that VERY COOL! thanks for reading! i’ve been to Guatemala (I was 8), it was pretty cool!

  • Justine October 14, 2008, 4:10 pm

    So cute with your little puppy! Animals can be so adorable sometimes with their little antics 🙂

    Good luck on your tempo run tonight! My hip’s still feeling a little “wonky” (like your word!) after I ran on it today but hopefully it’ll be ready to go for my run tomorrow! My 5k is on Saturday so I don’t wanna overdo it, but I also don’t wanna do nothing…I can’t take it mentally!

  • Caitlin (see bride run) October 14, 2008, 4:34 pm

    justine – if your 5k is on saturday, it’s “safe” to star tapering tomorrow! do some low-impact cardio instead… it won’t hurt you to take it easy, i promise!! and be sure to let me know how you do!

  • HangryPants October 14, 2008, 6:17 pm

    Soup looks delicious!

    Silly doggy.

  • HangryPants October 14, 2008, 6:18 pm

    Oh wait, the soup was gross? I missed that in my first read. Good thing I read twice. 🙂 Anyway, bummer about the soup.

  • Jordan October 14, 2008, 6:22 pm

    The soup LOOKS good. I hate that =\ So disappointing.

  • Erin of Care to Eat October 14, 2008, 6:51 pm

    CUTE! I love the video of your doggie.

  • Katie October 14, 2008, 8:59 pm

    Haaa my cats go THROUGH the venetian blinds to growl and meow at the big Lab next door. Also cute at first, but it won’t be when we have to get new blinds!

  • Marlow October 14, 2008, 9:06 pm

    Oh man! My dog is SUCH a squirrel harasser! I seriously wonder what he would do if he ever caught one!!

  • Lauren @ Team Giles October 14, 2008, 9:29 pm

    Whole Wheat!! omg, I feel retarded 🙂

  • Caitlin (see bride run) October 15, 2008, 3:58 am

    heather and jordan – yup. the soup LOOKS good, but was gross. 🙂

    katie – hahah thats a ballsy cat!

    marlowe – i know what my dog would do if he catch a squirrel… he would eat its face off. seriously! i do think he be surprised when it started to bleed, though. like “WHOA this isn’t a stuffed animal!”

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