If this doesn’t qualify as food porn, I don’t know what does:


I try to wake up a little early on Mondays so I’m not running around like a crazy woman trying to get back into the swing of the work week.  Plus, it gives me a extra time to enjoy a decent breakfast, which somehow makes the impending week seem less intimidating.


And, what’s most indulgent-tasting than Upside-Down Pineapple Cake Oatmeal?! I think this is my FAVORITE oatmeal variation.  This time, I used almonds and pistachios instead of pecans.



Rest Day


Although I usually reserve Wednesday or Thursday for my rest day, I am taking an extra rest day today.  I pushed myself very hard this weekend (21.0 miles in three days and 33.0 miles over the week), which is GREAT for training but not-so-great for my joints. 


Now, I love running (obviously), but I also know that pushing yourself too hard can be counterproductive.  Last thing I need is to get injured before my 15K and Half Marathon!


Here are some highlights from an article I found on TheRunnersGuide.com entitled ‘Why You Need to Take Rest Days:’


Joint health is one of the most important reasons why runners need to schedule regular rest days into their training regimen. These rest days are critical because running is a sport which results in a great deal of impact on the joints. The repetitive nature of running results in pounding on the joints of the ankles, knees and hips with each and every stride. Allowing a few rest days during the week will give these joints the much needed rest they need to heal from the repetitive pounding. Without this rest the joints may regularly be sore or inflamed.

Rest days are also necessary for runners because without regularly scheduled rest days the runner is at risk for injuries and issues which are commonly associated with overtraining. For example shin splints and stress fractures are very common overuse injuries which typically occur when a runner is putting too much stress on the body and not allowing regular rest days for recovery. Once these injuries occur they can be very difficult to overcome and a lengthy period of not running is typically required before the runner is fully healed.

Another reason why rest days are so important to runners is they allow the runner to not only recover but also improve. It is important to realize rest days are when improvements are actually made as opposed to during the days when the runner is training. This is because the training process breaks down the muscle fibers while the rest days allow the muscles to have time to repair and strengthen. When this happens speed, endurance and strength are all improved. Therefore, rest days are absolutely necessary for a runner to realize the payoff for all of his hard work.


Well, I’m off to work….I hope you have a fabulous Monday!  Enjoy your workouts or rest days appropriately! 🙂



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