Pre-Race Date Night

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Future Husband and I had a lovely ‘date night’ tonight.  In between the craziness of work, school, and life…. sometimes we forget to spend time together! 🙂


We went to Spice, which was lovely… we’re thinking about hosting our rehearsal dinner there now, too!  We ate out on the patio overlooking downtown Orlando. I started my meal off with a BIG GLASS OF WATER (no booze before the race!) and a yummy WW roll.


I think we can all agree restaurant bread is the BEST KIND! 🙂


I also had a baby greens salad, which included grapes, feta cheese, candied pecans, and green apples.  I had a nice vinaigrette on the side.


And for my main course—PASTA, of course! The perfect pre-race dinner!  I had mushroom and spinach ravioli.  It was pretty good.


After our main course, Future Husband announced he "had" to have dessert.  I wasn’t going to eat any until I saw this:


Ummm, HELLO!? This bride does not say "no" to chocolate cake.  It was heavenly.  I could literally smell the chocolate wafting up from me.  I ate about 1/3.


When we got home, I laid out all my running clothes for tomorrow’s big 15K race and called Meghann to discuss the logistics for meeting up in the morning.  I’m excited to have a racing buddy!


I am super excited and very optimistic that my leg will hold up! I’m going to heat (yes… heat… not ice. Icing has made this injury feel worse, oddly enough) it a little in the morning.  I think I’m good to go, honestly! 🙂 🙂 🙂


For The Record….


Around 2:30, I ate a Larabar Ginger Snap while reading over some landscape plans…


I also had a not-yet-ripe peach….


And, around 6 PM, I had a handful of peanuts to hold me over until dinner.


OK — off to bed! I’m waking up at 5:15, having a BIG BOWL OF OATMEAL, and stretching out before I leave for the race! Wish me luck! 🙂 I’ll be thinking of all of you!!


1 hour, 26 minutes or better… HERE I COME!!!



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