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I went to bed last night at 9:30! It felt wonderful to sleep for eight hours on a work night.  In fact, it felt so good that I’ve decided this week’s goal is to go to bed by 10:15 every night.


Actually, you may start to notice several other changes over the next few weeks.  The Miracle Miles 15K is in 26 days, and the Jacksonville Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon is in 32 days.  As a result, I’m going to be reining in my eating a little bit (there’s been way too much cheese showin’ up on the blog lately!), as well as my beer-drinking.  With the exception of the University of Miami vs. University of Florida game (GO CANES!), I’ll be off the alcohol bandwagon for the next 32 days.  Running and booze do not mix.


Of course, I’m going to be stepping up my running, but only on my long run days.  I typically do my long runs on Friday or Saturday, and I’m going to be increasing that mileage to be closer to my race distances.  So far, the longest run I’ve done lately is 7.0 miles, and I need to step it up to 9.5 miles by my 15K and 14.0 miles by my 1/2 Marathon (I like to go a little further than my actual race–it gives me confidence).  In general, I won’t be increasing my weekly mileage (25 miles) much before the 15K.  Running more than 25 – 28 miles a week is too exhausting for me!




I felt like eating something fun for breakfast, so I made a parfait with 1/2 cup Grape Nuts, 1 cup of cereal, and 1/8 cup of raisins.  Delicious and very amusing to eat! I also had a coffee.


Well, I’m off to work! I’m going on a long run after work (yayy!) and then we have a really fun dinner planned.  This work week is extremely short for me (only 3 days!!), so I better get crackin’!


Have a wonderful day!


PS – Windows Live Writer is the best thing to happen to bloggers.  I love it!



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