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I just wasn’t feeling my run this evening, but part of training for a Half Marathon is I’ve got to run even when IREALLY don’t want to! Otherwise, I know I’ll pay for it on race day.  With that in mind, I laced up my kicks and headed out the door.


Right away, I noticed that my ankles felt… funny.  Just a little sore and wobbly.  It went away after the first 2.0 miles, but it scurred me enough to decide that tomorrow is likely going to be a "rest day." No sense in getting injured 24-odd days before the 15k!


I headed out on an old loop.  I haven’t done this route in at least a year; actually, the last time I ran this path was right before my 15k LAST YEAR! I felt a jolt of energy when I remembered how painful this loop used to be, but now it seems SO easy! Yay for improvements!


Here are my statistics:


  • Duration: 55 Minutes (5.5 miles)
  • Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm
  • Maximum Heart Rate: 183 bpm
  • Calories Burned: 492 (I actually left my HRM on for an additional 10 minutes, hence the large burn!)


Meals, Meals


Here are today’s eats.  Up first…




Dinner was an incredibly lame cop-out… I had cereal (Ezekiel 4:9), raisins, and pecans.  I was feeling lazy, and I’ve got loads to do tonight (helllllooo, Project Runway!).


Mid-Day Snacks

I was really proud of myself today because I got some mildly bad business-related news around 4:00.  I stood up, immediately walked into the kitchen, and started to open up the bread.  Emotional eating is such an easy trap to fall into!


BUT, I stopped myself right before I shoved the slice into my mouth and asked myself if eating it would make me feel better…. of course, it would only make me feel worse, so I didn’t!


Besides, I had already eaten loads of healthy (and scheduled) mid-day snacks, like…


A slice of WW toast and PB (this was actually my pre-run snack)…



Plus, a bowl of juicy melon



And around 1:00 PM, I had a Kashi Go Lean Crunch Bar (a PB flavored one… quite delicious!).





Lunch was a little on the light side (hence, the serious mid-day snacks).  I had a WW pita, a veggie burger, spinach, and NF yogurt mixed with a little mustard.



On the side, I had two big old carrots! It was fun to eat them whole.



Mid-morning Snack


I tried the Cabot Greek Yogurt "Honey" Flavor, which was gross.  NOT buying this one again.  The "Vanilla Bean" flavor was so much better and much, much creamy!  The Honey one was more liquid-y than plain NF yogurt!



James is such a good little dog; he posed in front of the yogurt and didn’t even lick it! He told me he was secretly mad Maggie got featured on Monday’s post and he didn’t, so I had to work him in! 🙂


Off to watch PR! I hope the tan-orexic gets booted this week! 🙂



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