stuffed apricot chicken

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don’t you LOVE sundays?? its so relaxing to have nothing to do. around 3 i went to the gym (it was empty), and did an upper body strength workout that consisted of the 100 push challenge (week 1, day 3), bicep curls, tri dips, and pulldowns. my hips were sore this AM from yesterday’s run, so i did a verrrry easy 20 minutes on the elliptical. back to training tomorrow!
i’d give credit where credit is due and tell you which lovely cookbook i got this recipe from, but that would involve me ungluing myself from the couch…. its a slow cooker cookbook that has really beautiful pictures and complicated recipes with french-sounding sauces that take 20 hours to make.

so i had to modify this recipe a bit to make it capable of being cooked by a mere mortal. but, in the end, the stuffed apricot chicken recipe was heavenly.

it was a little sweet, a little citrusy, and FH and i loved the way the apricots melted into the chicken. it was such a unique taste.
anyways, this looks way more complicated than it actually was:
  • put 10 apricots in a bowl of OJ and let sit for a few minutes
  • mix 1/2 cup dry cous cous with 1/2 cup OJ and let sit for a few minutes
  • chop soaked apricots and mix with cous cous (i also added S&P and chopped italian parsley to the stuffing mix)
  • slice 2 chicken breast lengthwise and cram in the stuffing
  • seal the chicken by using a kabob stick. i weave it through the meat so the filling gets sealed in tight.
  • place chicken in slow cooker, add 1 cup OJ and 1 cup water, and season to taste (again, i used parsley and S&P).
  • cook on high for 4 hours.
  • place on a cutting board and let it cool slightly before slicing. it’s delicate!
we paired the chicken with the lemon fettuccine from earlier, which was mixed with warm goat cheese and EVOO.

i actually ended up putting one of these pieces of chicken back in the fridge after i plated the food. i’m guessing each piece of chicken was around 150 calories. the pasta was pretty calorie-dense as well and i didn’t want to go overboard. FH can eat my third piece tomorrow for lunch!

goodnight everyone… have a wonderful night!



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