silver dollar breakfast

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Pancakes make me feel like it’s Saturday, but of course–it’s only Wednesday! Another day, another dollar! I’ve got to get to work, but first–breakfast.
Breakfast was a bunch of silver dollar pancakes made from a Hodgson mix (aren’t little pancakes more fun than regular ones?) On the side, I had a hearty bowl of banana, cantaloupe, and blueberries.

To make sure I don’t OD on syrup, I dip the pancakes in it rather than slopping it on top of the pancakes. I need some cute little bowls for this, but for now — little OJ juice cups work just fine! I use real maple syrup instead of the fake stuff. Check out the ingredients list on the “regular” syrups and you’ll be willing to pay the extra few dollars for the pure syrup!

Have a great day!

LK – Read my response to your comment on my dinner meal! Good luck with marathoning!



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