platter lunch

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Oh, how I love platter lunches! So many little things to snack on. Today I had: carrot sticks, plums, some leftover chicken salad sandwich filling (made with nf plain yogurt), and two Wasa crackers covered in a special surprise!

This special surprise was organic peanut butter with shredded carrot mixed it. It was slightly sweet, slightly salty… a great combo! The carrots gave it extra “chew” as well, which is always nice!

The plum was sooo juicy. I love fresh fruit for lunch. However, I think I’ve OD-ed on fruit for the day!

Snack – 2 PM

My snack consisted of 3/4 cup Grape Nuts (ginormous portion), so nf plain yogurt, strawberries, a banana, and blueberries.

Snack – 3 PM

I was reading a bunch of legal opinions on AB-32 (California’s attempt to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions… very cool!) and I NEEDED a snack. I had some PB and Grape Nuts.

I can’t WAIT for my run after work! Doesn’t having a good exercise planned in the evening make the day just FLY BY? I’m going to try a new running technique to increase my speed…. we’ll see if it works!



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