natural beauty products

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the shelves at Earth Fare when I came across organic tampons.  “ORGANIC TAMPONS?!” I thought with a huff. “What are they going to think of next?” However, based upon my recent cervical dysplasia issues, I thought I should pick up a box.  I’m pretty much willing to try [...]


The Sales Pitch Got Me

The winner of the 10 Personal Questions game was Julie from A Case of the Runs.  In response to what she keeps on her beside table, Julie said, “I sleep in a bunk bed (still, at age 26), so I just stash my phone, a small flashlight, and lotion in the nook between the mattress [...]


The Husband and I have been slowly switching over our beauty products and cleaning products to more natural alternatives.  Swapping everything out at once would be really expensive!  When we run out of one product, we simply head to the store and buy a new, natural replacement.     Here are 12 ingredients worth avoiding and [...]

Healthy Tipping Point