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You’ve got to love a restaurant where the waitress introduces herself and then states, "Everything on the menu is 475 calories or less, and we use no butter, oily saturated fats, or deep drying."  Seasons 52 is food bloggers HEAVEN!


And yes, between five bloggers at one table, there was a CRAZY amount of photographing going on!


It was so nice to get together as a big group.  The food was fantastic, but hanging out with everyone was even better!


From left to right…. Erin, Jenna, myself, Meghann, Gina, and Gina’s friend from home (she’s in Orlando to bridal gown shop!) and Gina’s aunt and cousin.


Since Gina and her family were coming from Georgia, we arrived a little early and each ordered a class of wine.  Clearly, I should’ve never declared a "No Booze Month" for training–it should’ve been "Minimal Booze Month"!  I had a wonderful German Riesling.


We hung out in the very swanky, hip bar for about 20 minutes chatting, and then Gina arrived and we all got settled into our nice, big table and looked over the menu.


The best thing about Seasons 52 (besides the healthy dishes) is that they update the menu seasonally, and the "autumn" menu had just come out.  There were so many insanely delicious meals, I simply couldn’t choose!


Our table started with two loooong flatbreads to share.  I had a piece of the chicken flatbeard and one piece of the vegetarian.



This was just enough food to keep that wine from going STRAIGHT to my head. Which was good because that’s when Jenna ordered three bottles of wine for the table.  She’s such a wine expert! My second glass was a pinot grigio.


For my main meal, I ordered the caramelized sea scallops, described on the menu as "grilled and served with roasted asparagus and sundried tomato pearl pasta." It was un-freaking be-lie-vable!


It was SUCH A JOY to eat out at a restaurant and not have to worry about "Oh, should I be doggie bagging half of this before I start eating?" or "I should probably eat around most of the mashed potatoes!"  I’m not a nazi about calorie intake, clearly, but I do worry about it when I eat out, because God only knows what they put in a dish.  It was a pleasure to eat something this healthy at a restaurant, I must say!


And then…. the dessert tray came around!  Called "mini indulgences," these little babies come in shot glasses.  Everyone choose two.


I had the "Caramel Banana Pie" (which was my favorite)!


And I tried the "Mocha Macchiato," which was also superb.DSCN9362 .

I rounded everything off with a nice big cup of coffee, which was photo-worthy only because of the cute mini milk jug that came with it. 🙂


All in all, it was an excellent dinner and a wonderful way to kick off the weekend.  I just love these girls!



AND I left without feeling stuffed, which is a great feeling when eating out. :)  My legs felt a little sore from the 14.0 miler I did earlier in the day, but the wine seemed to help. 🙂



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