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Get my booty out of my office chair and do a desk workout!   I sit for a very... long... time during the work day.  It's quite common that I'm sitting at the computer from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM and beyond.  Humans aren't made to sit still that long!   Every now and then, [...]


Meditate. (I can thank Operation Beautiful for the fact that I'm not in the least bit embarrassed anymore to post photos of me sans make-up.)   I used to be really, really scared of "meditation."  It sounds complicated and voodoo magic-y.   But meditation really isn't that hard at all, and the benefits are extraordinary.  I [...]


Pay for the next person in line. This is a easy and relatively inexpensive Random Act of Kindness that I've started to do lately.   As I go through a toll booth, I hand the collector an extra buck and pay for the car behind me.  I also do it when I'm entering state parks [...]


Stop avoiding the chores I "don't like." I HATE unloading the dishes.  So, I avoid doing it.  I stack dishes in the sink, I hand wash other dishes, I even blog about not unloading the dishwater.... all in the pursuit of not actually unloading the dishwasher.   This is bad.  And it's indicative of something [...]


Oh My, Montana Whoppers!

I fulfilled two Things I Need to Do More Often tonight!   First, I posted an Operation Beautiful note per TINTDMO #11: I wore my hair in a new style per TINTDMO #9.... side pigtail!   Maybe I'll be more adventurous with my hair from now on!  It wasn't SO scary. Continuing Breakfast Day, I had [...]

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