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Water Babies

I truly, truly need to spend more time in the pool. I’m 27 weeks pregnant today and definitely slowing down.  I can feel every single oomph of my weight gain when I try to do any impact exercise.  Being buoyant in the pool feels niceeeee.  And, as always, I love that whole-body-workout feeling.  From the [...]


Labor Day Relaxin’

Happy Holiday Weekend! The Husband and I got to go on a little date this afternoon – Henry had a playdate at a friend’s house.  A midday treat for Mom and Dad!  We made a frightening amount of plans for ourselves – we packed socks for bowling, bathing suits for swimming, a gift card for [...]


Green Clean

I found an awesome new floor cleaner yesterday (side note: thanks for all your suggestions!). It’s called Simply Floored! and I picked it up at Whole Foods.  It was about $8 for the bottle – I thought it was a concentrated liquid when I purchased it, but when I got home, I realized it was [...]


For 30 More

A guest post from Katharine at From A to Pink that is truly worth reading. I’m about to turn 30. Big deal, right? A lot of people reach that age, maybe throw a party, maybe complain about getting older, and move on. But for me, 30 is anything but just another birthday.   You see, [...]


I love, love, love pop music and feel like the radio is currently jammed with so many hits! Lots and lots of great workout tunes. Henry especially loves Boom Clap and even knows some of the chorus (I love that song because it feels circa 1993 – doesn’t it?).   Anyway – these tunes provided [...]


Weekend Snapshots

This weekend was different – it was just Henry and me.  The Husband was out of town visiting his best friend.  It was a little lonely at home, but Henry and I stayed really busy, tackling projects, seeing friends, and - most notably – getting H switched over to  his new bedroom!  More on that [...]


3 Awesome Books

Are you having a good day?  I sure hope so.  It’s an easy, run-of-the-mill kind of day over here – and I am absolutely not complaining!  Peaceful days are good days.  <3    I actually made it to the gym for a legit workout.  Wahoo!  I have been taking it reeeeeeally easy (think: sitting on [...]


Friend Date + Super Simple Breakfast Scramble

Last night, I went out with my friend Brandi – sans kids!  We’re normally ‘mom friends’ so this was a big deal.  We couldn’t stop joking about how lovely it was to actually finish thoughts and sentences with each other.  Hah. We got pedicures.  I have not gotten a pedicure in… man, I don’t even [...]


Trip to Tennessee

This weekend, the Husband and I decided we really needed to get out of town. MomHTP’s house in Tennessee felt like the perfect escape. While there, I discovered that my mom keeps her nail polish in the fridge.  Huh. Beyond nail painting, we spent a lot of time outside. Henry went to the splash park [...]


Painted Baskets DIY

It looks like I can continue wogging for at least a little bit longer! Side note… Wogging = Waddling jogging.  Because that’s more and more what running looks like these days.  I am no longer graceful in anything that I do, but ESPECIALLY not running.  I quit pregnant running with Henry weeks and weeks ago [...]


Super Easy Trader Joe’s Dish

Last minute, I ran to Trader Joe’s for an emergency grocery haul – we’ve gotten stuck in a cycle of missing our normal grocery day and then ended up scraaaaaping the bottom of the fridge barrel for meals.  Anyway, when I was there, I headed to the back for some free food samples and discovered [...]


The Fitness Craze I’m Dying To Try

We spontaneously went to the zoo this morning.  It was fun!  Here were the highlights: “Awww, look, the turtles are hugging!”   This weekend, I found out that my gym is going to start offering PiYo classes!  I am so pumped.  I am DYING to try PiYo. Does it feel like PiYo is everywhere right [...]


Our Weekend Snapshots

The Husband made me this delicious breakfast. When I sat down at the table, I said, “Ohhh! This is totally blog-worthy!” and ran to get a camera.  Hah. THREE CHEERS for peach season! Can you believe it’s upon us?   I was planning to make this awesome Vegan Peach Baked Oatmeal from the Fitnessista, but [...]



I bribed the dogs for direct eye contact with carrots.  Hah. How’s your Friday going? We are having an easy, breezy day so far – but now I’m sitting at the computer, preparing to bang out some work.   We spent the morning at the mall.  Not to buy anything, but just to walk around [...]